A Celebration of Mexico Save the Date:  December 12-13, 2013 Celebrate Mexico’s Cultural Heritage and Its Legacy for Mexican Americans with Two Days of Presentations

"We are honored to collaborate with the Library of Congress in order to bring you A Celebration of Mexico. During this two-day conference, some of Mexico's most prominent writers, artists and scholars will unveil Mexico's cultural transformation, diversity and dynamism. The event will feature music, films and sound recordings from Mexico and the Library's archives. We hope you enjoy this event to celebrate the vast presence of Mexican history, arts, and culture in the United States."

Eduardo Medina Mora, The Ambassador of Mexico in the United States of America

“A Celebration of Mexico,” a two-day conference and accompanying display at the Library of Congress, will open on December 12, the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a popular national holiday in Mexico. The event will feature music, film, sound recordings— all from the Library—as well as presentations by eminent Mexican and Mexican-American writers, artists, and scholars. It will shine a bright light on Mexican identity as well as on the Mexican American experience. It will be moderated by chief curators of the Library of Congress, who are uniquely equipped to tell this story.

Among the confirmed speakers are: Miguel León-Portilla, world-renowned for his scholarship on the ancient language of Náhuatl, which is still spoken by one and a half million people in Central America. Enrique Krauze, Mexico’s leading public intellectual, who has written some of the most bracing perspectives on Mexican and Latin American history. The prizewinning novelists Carmen Boullosa, Álvaro Enrigue, and Jorge Volpi, whose works have opened a new way for Mexican letters. Leonardo López Luján, the preeminent archaeologist and historian of pre-Hispanic Mexico, whose Templo Mayor project is unearthing the Aztec metropolis that lies beneath Mexico City. Sandra Cisneros, the acclaimed American author, who wrote the memorable, groundbreaking novel about Mexican-American identity, The House on Mango Street.

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